In 2008 I gave up my 9 to 5 job, sold everything I owned, including my house and flew to India on a one way ticket.

I stepped out of one world into another, a world full of unlimited possibilities and the opportunity to create joy.

My time in India gave me an overwhelming passion for design and colour and a realisation to be a creative human on the planet is the most exciting thing and to experience and learn about all 5 senses is an amazing privilege.  

Before I left for India I worked as a PA, organised exhibitions, designed catalogues and managed projects.  These skills are now proving very useful indeed.

Now living in the beautiful English Cotswolds, inspired by nature and my own garden I hand draw many of my own flowers observing the structure and patterns.  It took time for me to find my way in design; with a wealth of creative art experience - music, performing arts, horticulture (RHS trained) and photography. It was a process for me to realise that surface pattern design allowed me to bring together all my various experiences and influences.

Working with colour, texture and form live in the garden is a huge challenge and to translate this into my designs is when things really get exciting.  This is what life is about, creating beauty, from nature and bringing this energy into the world to create a smile.

My technique is hand drawn using pen and ink to create movement and flow combined with vibrant colour palettes for a fresh take on florals.   I love to observe the patterns and structures within nature and to explore how these can be translated into my designs.  I love to explore the use of original techniques (linocut, inks, watercolour etc) and work with them to bring the essence of traditional designs into the digital world.

You can see my process on 

I welcome the opportunity to work with manufacturers, retailers, art directors, private commissions to realise my designs onto your products whether it’s bolt fabric, gifts, homewares, interiors or stationery.

So if you’ve got this far thank you for reading - I’d love to work with you and create beautiful things.